For instance, you cannot pretend self-defense when using a weapon against somebody who dont carry a weapon, even if that person was trespassing your property.

It’s just about the nastiest cactus you’ll find anywhere in the world. We’d be guilty of using excessive force if it could be proven we deliberately set the trap. But I have to say that appropriate action may not be the same for all of us. If you touch it, the thorns will bard into you and that piece of cactus will break off and hang on to you. There was an incident near my grandparents old house.

OUCH! I would have posted a picture but am having a problem with my Photobucket account. I only mean that I would be willing to. Anyway the police told us we could be charged if our crook survived and filed a complaint. We should go into business, ‘Grow your own burglar protection”.

Footnote: No one suffering from severe blood loss reported to any hospital in the area at any time following the incident. After the second time my boss was real pissed, he’d tried everything from locks, screen mesh and even guard dog but the crook(s) still got in. Turns out the handbag in question was an old one she used only for walking the dog – the only contents were a plastic bag full of doggie doo. […]